Registration for the Congress entitles the participant to participate in the Congress and to submit a minimum of one paper and a maximum of two. Papers will be submitted using a form for the submission of abstracts.

Payment of the registration fee does not give the right to publication of the full paper. In order to publish the full paper, the organisation, after acceptance by the Scientific Committee, will contact the participants and request the payment associated with the cost of publication.

Registration dates

Del 26 April 2021 to 30 June 2021 (UTC+01:00)

From 30 June until the dates of the Congress it will be possible to register, but it will not be possible to send abstracts or full papers.

Payment of the registration fee

The registration fee must be paid before 30 September 2021 (UTC+01:00)

The registration fee is detailed below:

Students € 30
Professionals and academics residing in Latin America € 30
Professionals and Academics € 50

The registration fee will be paid through the online registration platform.

Payment for publication in the book

If you wish to publish the full paper and participate in the Congress book, which will be published by the prestigious Dykinson publishing house, the author of each paper must make a payment of € 75 by bank transfer (for each of the contributions made, up to a maximum of two per author). The organisers will contact the authors by email to inform them of acceptance and to specify the payment procedure.

Link to the registration form: